Cottages Offekerque

This is the meeting of sea and land, the meeting of Artois and the Flandres … This is in the delta of the Aa that has built history “countries watergangs ” !

Land in the sea, is a rapid succession of landscapes …

Beaches: With the spray of the sea and its natural protected area.

The country watergangs : you will be surprised by the strength of character of a flat landscape shaped by water and man … Water mastered sky mirrored in the canals, or whitewater of the Hem .. .

The Brédenarde: With the intimate atmosphere of small roads bordered by hedges of Bredenarde.

His present is written today steps from Calais, on the Côte d’Opale…

Bucolic atmosphere for these theme houses.

Indeed, each house is decorated and furnished in a different style Therefore you can choose :

– The cottage called “Le campagne” and “Le provence” and “Le mer” from 7 to 10 people.

– A studio “Le jardinet” from 2 people

– The farm “Le marais” and “L’étang” from 4 to 7 people

Our accommodations are not subject to the tourist tax

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