Fort d’Ambleteuse

It was in 1680 that Louis XIV, who was in Boulogne, discovers Ambleteuse (Pas-de-Calais) and decided to make a military port.

We rightly called the “Fort Ambleteuse” or “Vauban” but also the “Tower of Ambleteuse” and sometimes wrongly, the “Fort Mahon.”

Built from 1682 to 1690 on the prepared plan, one suspects, by Vauban, the fort is built on a rock, to protect the site of the port of war decided two years earlier by Louis XIV and at the mouth of the Slack.

The project was abandoned in 1688 because of the harbor silting and strong currents that ships had to face to enter.
Ambleteuse falls into oblivion until 1798, when Bonaparte landing studying a project in England. Napoleon did modify the estuary of Slack and digging piers, docks and waterfront sea wall were built.

Kastel was restored and rearmed in 1803. General Legrand commanding the 3rd Infantry Division remained there until March 1805

In 1854 Ambleteuse serves camp in Napoleon’s army. This time, France is allied with England against Russia. We owe to the Emperor road from Boulogne to Ambleteuse, for Wimereux.

The German army reuses and had installed artillery casemates on the fort during the Second World War.
Abandoned, vandalized, it is ultimately a historical monument in 1965.
An association made of people, is acquiring the building for one symbolic franc in 1967, when the fort is on the brink of ruin.

Since then, the association has restored the wall, roof covering, interior fittings and ancillary buildings.
It is since visitable

The visits

Public reception is ensured in turn by the members of the association, all volunteers:

Sunday from Easter to October inclusive

opening on Sunday from 15h to 18h

July and August
Saturday / Sunday and holidays from 15h to 18h
Entrance fees: Adults 3 Euros

Groups weekdays by appointment; Minimum 20 people




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